Sunday, August 18, 2013


_ A man died, realizing God saw that it was coming and was carrying a suitcase with him. _ God said: _ Well son, it’s time to go. _ The amazed man asked: _ Already? Already? He had many plans…. _ I’m sorry, but it’s time you leave. _ What do you have in the bag? Asked the man, and God answered: _ Your belongings! – … _ My belongings?? _ You bring my stuff, my clothes, my money? _ God replied: _ That never belonged, were of the earth. _ You bring my memories? _ They never belonged, were the time. _ You bring my talents? _ They do not belong, were the circumstances. _ You bring my family and friends? _ I’m sorry, they never belonged, were the way. _ You bring my wife and my kids? _ They never belonged, were of your heart. _ You bring my body? _Never I belonged, that was the dust. _ So bring my soul? _ No! That is mine. _ Then the man filled with fear, God snatched open the suitcase and realized it was empty….. _ With a tear of helplessness welling in her eyes, the man said: _ I never did anything? _ Yes had every one of the moments you lived were only yours. _ Life is just a moment… ! A moment yours! So while you’re on time, enjoy it in its entirety. _ I think anything that belongs to you stop you…. _ Live in the now! _ Live your life..! _ Do not forget to BE HAPPY, that is all that is really worth it! _ Material things and everything else you fought for, stay here! _ DO NOT DRIVE ANYTHING! Rate whom you value, do not waste time with those who never cared about you.

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